I’ve been thinking and it’s so strange how people enter your life and how you get used to them- they’ve not always been there but since they entered your life, when they are absent you feel it- you don’t quite know if you’ve always felt it but now it’s stronger because you know them therefore it now makes sense or maybe they made a part of you grow and the only thing filling it up is there presence-
all I know is I don’t like the absence of some people- I rely on others and I get sad when they are not there
Three main people I miss the most- except family- one person so much and toe it’s strange without
But then people enter your life and then do something bad and strangely no matter how much you want them out your life you can still miss them or there presence sometimes it’s just parts of people you miss and sometimes it’s all of them- this one person I even seem to miss what could be if I was with them, the past and even strangely the present and future, love. I think it’s true- but I’m still aware they’re not perfect and I’m a stupid little girl but the way they looked at me the other day I felt it, I believed it mre than ever and I want that feeling forever.

Stop being such a fucking whimp and grow the fuck up, learn that shit has I be dealt with and that you can do it! Don’t be like you usually are and use your childish side as an excuse and/or something to hide behind because that’s not okay